Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 49 - Typhon's End

15 January 2015

This release will clean-up the remaining parts of Typhon’s Night.

Additionally it contains a few bug fixes as well as a new feature.


  • Titles for stealth ship kills implemented
  • Score has been counted since stealth ship release and will be taken into account

Balancing ChangesEdit

  • Removed the minimum critical hit chance of 1%
  • Maximum critical hit chance will stay at 10%


  • Typhon’s Night Clean-Up
  • Remaining shards will be converted into 500 Titanium each


  • Disabled the Unity functionality that WASD keys cycle through UI elements
  • The ship upgrade sale won’t require full price before granting discount
  • Ranking list for interdiction duties will refer to best times instead of latest achieved result

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