Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 48 - Typhon's Night

16 December 2014

This release will contain this years’ winter event “Typhon’s Night”.

Additionally the first preparations for the server merges will run and we will implement further adjustments to the UI including the transition of several elements to Unity 4.6.


  • Typhon’s Night Event (16.12.-06.01.2015)
    • Earn Typhon’s shards from:
      • PVP
      • white asteroids
      • and Typhon’s comet
    • Typhon’s shards can be exchanged for nice rewards in the event shop


  • Redone UI elements with Unity 4.6. They will have a way crisper look. Especially fonts will benefit from the upgrade. Following elements will use the Unity 4.6 UI:
    • Faction Selection
    • Message boxes
    • Dialog message box (e.g. group invite)
    • Notify message box (e.g. denied group invite)
    • Tutorial message boxes
    • Welcome Layer
    • Some additional UI elements have been upgraded to the new UI style
  • Removed assignment tracker from tutorial view


  • To ensure good results all unused instance accounts which match with all of the following criteria will be removed:
    • Lower than level 9
    • Last login before 01.03.2014
    • Never bought Cubits


  • The user counter on the website is finally fixed
  • Fixed some minor bugs within the tutorial
  • Relocated some misplaced space objects (e.g. containers)
  • Resized spawn zones in Calibaan as they collapsed with planetoids


The setting ‘High Quality Interiors’ has been renamed to ‘High Quality Particle Effects’ and it now affects the comets in addition to the fog in space stations. Turning this setting off will reduce the number of particles spawned by the comet which in turn should help with framerate issues. (Please note that this setting is in English for all languages, as we cannot localize text on demand. It will be localized correctly with the next update R49).

A low-res version of the comet has been added for users which play on the lowest graphic settings. This one has also reduced particle effects and smaller textures.

Additionally we’ve added new titles for all comet hunters. The progress has been counted from event start, so all destroyed comets will be taken into account. The titles and counters will be active this afternoon and you have to kill at least one comet to see your title:

  • Destroy 1 comet – Title: Comet Destroyer
  • Destroy 10 comets – Title: Comet Hunter
  • Destroy 25 comets – Title: Comet Crusher
  • Destroy 50 comets – Title: Comet Stalker
  • Destroy 150 comets – Title: Protector of the fleet

Last, but not least, we’ve prepared a small bonus code for you granting:

  • 15 Typhon’s shards
  • 100% XP Booster (24h)

Just enter “typhon2014” on the website to redeem your gift.

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