Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 40 - Akhlys's Fury: Part 1

14 May 2014

This release will contain the first part of new story missions with fresh dialogues, overhauled mission mechanics and additional bugfixes. In addition we’ll exchange all spring event components for Titanium with this update.


  • A new Story Mission for both factions:
    • The mission can be accept from Adama/Cavil.
    • You are required to have completed all the other story missions to accept it.
  • The story takes place in Akhlys Beta, an isolated part of the Akhlys Arm.
  • Story mission parts: You´re ordered to lead a patrol to support a drill operation. Due to the dense nebula you have to be careful, who knows what there could be hidden.
  • Improved the experience for docked players by replacing the interior music with music from the series.


  • Fixed an issue with invisible collision walls in the interdiction missions.
  • Player information window now correctly displays advanced ships as golden as well as which ship the player is commanding.
  • Ship avatars are now displayed correctly so that they match the ship the player is commanding.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be stuck in Battlespace.
  • When playing with low resolution models enabled, drones will now no longer be invisible.
  • Fixed a “log in loop” issue, that prevented players from logging into the game.

Exchange of spring event component:

Token Exchange Value (Titanium)
Salvaged Motherboard (common) 500
Polymer Capacitor (uncommon) 1000
Halogenated Capacitor (rare) 2000
Ancient Unidentified Object


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