Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 38 - The Awakening

16 April 2014

Spring is storming into Battlestar Galactica Online and therefore we'd like to ready all pilots to play in our latest event, requiring you to gather components and exchange them for stunning rewards.

Event DetailsEdit


  • Starting April the 16th and running until April the 30th


  • Found in several sectors across the veil nebula

Search for drone convoys roaming around multiple systems and drone dynamic missions in the center systems

Event ContentEdit

Drone SwarmsEdit

  • Drones have been sighted wandering some sectors in swarms. Be careful pilots, these drones seem different from the previous ones we’ve encountered

Drone IncursionEdit

  • We’ve sighted drones gathered around a previously unseen ship. What is this new ship? What is its purpose? In this new dynamic event you may have to work with your most hated enemy to succeed.

Collect these components during the eventEdit

  • Salvaged Motherboard
  • Polymer Capacitor
  • Halogenated Capacitor


  • New Skins
  • Special Ammunition with new effects
  • Tuning Kits
  • Tech Analysis Kits
  • Merits

While the event is running you’ll be able to gather the necessary components by attacking the drone convoy, playing PVP or “Drone Incursion” missions. In addition we’ll offer the special event package “The Awakening” via an in-game item shop which contains an Ancient Unidentified Object and a Tech Analysis Kit in order to identify the object. The Ancient Unidentified Object will hold Salvaged Motherboards, Polymer Capacitors and Halogenated Capacitors.

The event components can be exchanged via a new event shop for new skins, special ammunition with other effects and more consumable goods. Our in-game event shop will be available until May, the 4th and any left-over event components will be exchanged for Titanium as soon as the shop has closed.


  • The Awakening Event
  • Quality settings for HUBS (You can switch off the fog now which causes FPS issues on low spec machines)


  • Combat text fixes
  • Brackets jittering reduced
  • Arena medals are not shown any more during tournaments

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