Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 32 - One for the Newbies

5 February 2014

This release will contain new Dynamic Missions – of easy and medium difficulty, improvements to UI elements, In-Game advertising as well as some bugfixes.

Finally – to improve the gameplay experience for new and low level players we have been adding new Dynamic Missions of easy and medium difficulty.

Furthermore we have made more improvements to some of our newer UI elements. So check out the new Help section, Options UI, Dradis Contact and reward windows to get an idea of how the whole UI is going to look like in the future.

In addition we did now add some In-Game advertising interstitials which will only be shown to players above level 6 without any payment history.



  • Implemented new difficulties for Dynamic Missions in many sectors across the Galaxy


  • Made improvements to certain UI elements, to be presented in the final design


  • Players above level 6 without any payment history will receive advertising interstitials from now on


  • Explosion size of the mini nukes have been reduced in order to reflect their smaller damage


  • Fixed an issue where launching strikes from a Carrier sometimes lead to invisible ships
  • Number of mini nukes received from Dradis Contact are now reduced
  • NPCs killed in the Dynamic Missions will now count for the assignment as well
  • Planetoid model won’t disappear anymore; gaps and craters are no longer visible
  • The “Buy Cubits” button will no longer be overlapped by the UI
  • Tutorial Mission Dialog has been fixed – the dialog will no longer tell the player that the mining ship is under attack
  • Players can be removed via the “X” button from the friendlist now
  • Refreshing the game while loading an interdiction mission won’t cause spawning without any objectives anymore
  • Sale Discount are now working as intended
  • The game no longer go into fullscreen without the players permission
  • The radiological alarm for mini nukes will now appear
  • Mini nukes will now show the name "Nuke" when fired

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