Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 30 - A new control

15 January 2014

This release will contain the new gamepad/joystick support as well as some features and bugfixes.

Since we are all gamers at heart and everyone enjoys flying their vessels with the right kind of steering, it is finally possible to control your ship around with a gamepad or a joystick! Plug the device into your computer before starting the game, bind your buttons and roam into the galaxy – with a brand new feel!

Additionally, after a lot of feedback from the community, we’ve improved the way daily missions are being completed. It is now possible to hand in daily missions with the click of a button – complete one or complete all at once, without visiting the appropriate NPCs.



  • We implemented the possibility to play the game with a gamepad / joystick


  • We added a function to complete one / all mission/s “on the fly”


  • Fixed an issue when playing the interdiction duty with a carrier didn’t cancel the option to spawn at the carrier when dying in a strike ship
  • Fixed an issue where the player status wasn’t updated correctly in the wing roster
  • Fixed an issue where the speed slider didn’t update position when changing ship’s speed
  • Fixed an issue where certain freighters engaged with weapon platforms on their path
  • Fixed an issue where the Apotheon Spectre in Spectris didn’t drop any loot
  • Fixed an issue where the camera position was reset when changing ships

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