Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 20 - So strafe we all!

18 September 2013

This update will contain changes to the new flight controls, smaller features and bugfixes.

Update 20 - 1

We made some further adjustments to make our new flight controls more interesting and competitive, mostly for those of you who are still indecisive and gave their good feedback across all boards! Those changes involve the following:

  • When using the CAMS module it is now possible to accumulate avoidance through strafing, based on the strafing speed
  • When using the CAMS module it is now possible to strafe while using the RCS Slide

Based on the feedback of those players already using the new flight controls we have also adjusted the UI a little. See picture:



  • Added avoidance to strafing
  • Added possibility to strafe while sliding


  • To improve our Top Gun Tournaments furthermore and to promote the everyone versus everyone idea we restricted wing chat from Hades

Dradis ContactEdit

  • Changed the button display from “DRADIS CONTACT!” to “Dradis Contact”
  • Changed the description of the map part jackpot

Interdiction MissionEdit

  • Added a warning message to inform players that all map parts will be lost when abandoning the mission
  • Added “Field Rescue / Field Repair” to the names of the Raptor / Raider in one of the waves to make his role in this wave more obvious and the encounter easier


  • Added ship icons for Daru Mozu and Hitei Kan in Alpha Ceti


  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to close the Top Gun layer after a tournament
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to bind the wing roster (default: B) to one of those keys: Escape, Control, Shift, Windows Key
  • Fixed an issue where the Marauder kill count was displayed using its code name
  • Fixed an issue where damage numbers overlapped when targeting a missile
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse movement indicator was visible when using the orbit cam (CAMS)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to switch to orbit cam when hovering and clicking in the assignment area of the UI (CAMS)
  • Fixed an issue with the NPC dialogue when trying to turn in 0 water
  • Fixed a description error in the unidentified object’s tooltip
  • Fixed issue with text overlapping / running out of frames

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