Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 16 - Wind of change

1 August 2013

This update will contain the most anticipated and long overdue changes to ship and item values affecting all classes and ships.
Some of these changes are a pretty dramatic change. The goal with these balancing changes was to make some ships more viable in the game while at the same time dealing with some clear unbalanced items that exist.

To encourage diversity of other vessels the Glaive and Spectre had their power regain increased. And hit points of ships across the board have been changed to take into account these changes.
At the same time Escorts had a too easy time of killing strikes and this has been hurting the strike population of the game. This update reduces their accuracy so Strike vs. Escort combat is more balanced.

“God Modes” have been a long problem of BSGO now. They have unbalanced the combat system and avoidance has been a troubling factor in this. This update is aimed to remove god mode ships from the Galaxy while still allowing RCS ducting to be effective and stay in the game.

Those changes are necessary to achieve a significant improvement of the combat balance. They are the foundation of what we're having in mind with the new ship roles.

Ship changesEdit

All EscortsEdit

  • Weapon Accuracy changed from 350 to 300


  • Hit Points Increased - Basic: 2000 (up from 1600) / Advanced: 2500 (up from 2080)


  • Power Regain Increased - Basic: 11 (up from 10) / Advanced: 12 (up from 10)
  • Hit Points Modified - Basic: 1700 (down from 1950) / Advanced: 1900 (down from 1950)


  • Hit points increased - Basic: 4500 (up from 3700) / Advanced: 6000 (up from 4810)

Equipment changesEdit

In order to achieve a much better balance and to help with the overpowered avoidance values of certain ship classes we have been making adjustments to the avoidance values of RCS Ductings.

  • Medium version – Level 1: 10 (down from 17.5)
  • Large version – Level 1: 15 (down from 30)

Additionally we made changes to the power cost of the FTL Jump Transponder

  • Light version: cost reduced by 50 points
  • Medium version: cost reduced by 100 points
  • Large version: cost reduced by 150 points

You want to find out more about the reasoning behind those changes and get some insight from Javery_BP, our Lead Game Designer? Then head over to our Developer’s Blog and find out here: Dev Blog 4


  • Due to your extensive feedback we’re activating the feature again, that guns are turned on after a sector jump (they are still off when jumping into arena, Hades or story missions)


  • Fixed the issue where Flak and Point Defense didn’t do any damage after resupplying their ammo
  • Fixed the issue where the upgrade price for the carrier class was displayed

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