Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 01 - A New Beginning

17 January 2013

This update will introduce our new Tutorial, as well as introduce UI improvements and bug fixes.

Patch NotesEdit

  •  Introducing a new game entry
  •  Introducing a new tutorial with two new missions and more action right from the start.
  •  Introducing a new “Ghost Effect” when spawning from undocking


  • Fixed an issue where the camera continued moving after releasing the left mouse button
  • Fixed an issue where it has been possible to escape from a PvP fight by entering a duel


  • UI: improved mission reward popup window
  • UI: adjusted bracket colors in targeting system
  • Story missions: adjusted mission content due to consistency
  • Story missions: improved dialogue window
  • Story missions: added dialogue log and button
  • Camera: adjusted camera modes


  • Fixed the issue with missing brackets for mining ship and outpost
  • Fixed the issue with Wing Name not being displayed on target brackets and info screen
  • Fixed the issue with Ship Name not being displayed on target brackets
  • Fixed the issue with name not being displayed when target unselected
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to target rockets with cursor
  • Fixed the issue with icons not being docked to the right side of the screen
  • Fixed the issue with displaying colonial ships on Cylon info screen
  • Fixed the issue with Multi-Targeting malfunction (not being able to target previous target)
  • Fixed the issue with missing Arena button
  • Fixed the issue with Duel malfunction (unable to duel, error message: still in queue / already in Arena)

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