Battlestar Galactica Online - Open Beta 1.5 Update

20 April 2011

This Update focuses on some balance updates and improvements to the GUI and early game experience.


Main updates:

Merit RewardsEdit

  • Several balance improvements and updates to the player-controlled Pegasus and Basestar and their weapon systems


Main updates:


  • The Fleet Support Assignment has been replaced with a new Titanium Extraction Assignment that rewards pilots for mining a certain amount of Titanium (note that pilots are not required to hand in this Titanium to complete the Assignment, just to mine the required amount)
    • The Titanium Extraction Assignment is completed by talking to Captain Apollo or Number Two
    • The Resource Extraction Assignment has been renamed to Tylium Extraction
    • Two additional 'starter' Assignments have been added that reward players for Docking and performing an FTL jump for the first time


Main updates:

Heads Up Display (HUD)Edit

  • The 'off screen target' indictor has been increased in size to make it easier to see where your current target is
  • Nav Point indicators in missions now also have an 'off screen target' indicator to make it easier to see where you need to go next if that location is not currently in view


Main updates:

Player ShipsEdit

  • The Hull Points of the Viper Mk VII and Cylon War Raider have been increased


  • The Avoidance of all missiles has been increased
  • The Power costs of Strike and Escort Missile Launcher Systems has been reduced to bring them more in line with the Power costs of Strike and Escort Cannon Systems
  • The damage and reload times of Nova and Ruiner Missile Launcher Systems have been increased, and their Power costs revised accordingly


Main updates:


  • Added a sound effect to the pulsing 'glow' indicating HUD elements in the tutorial and early missions

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