Battlestar Galactica Online - Open Beta 1.4.1 Hotfix

15 April 2011

A Hotfix has been applied to all servers to address some of the issues that have arisen and player feedback, along with a few things that weren't quite ready for the Update.


'Trash' LootEdit

The Tylium values of 'trash' loot items (Scrap Metal, Hull Plates and so on) have been increased by 50%


Assignments, Duties & LeaderboardsEdit

  • Fixed bug that was preventing several counters from being incremented - this was affecting many Assignments, Duties and Leaderboards


Nuclear Missile WarheadsEdit

  • The damage bonus from the new Merit-only Nukes has been significantly increased, and missiles armed with these warheads will now have increased HP


Player CapsEdit

  • The maximum number of enemy players able to enter star systems near to each faction's home fleet has been reduced, in order to make these star systems hard to attack and easier to defend:
    • 276 Exrun, 32 Serpentos, 51 Bonamist, 84 Cerbero and 71 Duneyrr are now limited to 30 Colonial pilots
    • Zeidan, 68 Lepporis and 69 Otan are now limited to 20 Colonial pilots
    • 21 Tiche, Spectris, Anachron and 74 Imsida are now limited to 10 Colonial pilots
    • Asterian, Kryphon, Tau Altaar, Omicon Decimus and Alpha Extigens are now limited to 30 Cylon pilots
    • Epsilon Iordiani, Marsamxett and Sigma Lyraes are now limited to 20 Cylon pilots
    • Omicron Percei, Tau Carinai, Wegelin and Balent are now limited to 10 Cylon pilots


  • When a faction is outnumbered on a server, its pilots will now receive HEIAP rounds and EFP warheads ('red tip' ammo) for their daily Supply Allocation assignment



  • Fixed bug that was preventing 'Booster' items from being activated and used

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