Battlestar Galactica Online - Open Beta 1.3 Update

6 April 2011

Main purpose of this update is Unity upgrade to version 3. Latest version of Unity making the playing experience much more stable and brings new special effects and graphics improvements. It is a great improvement, but there are some issues possible during transition process.


  • Game client upgraded to version 3.


  • The Titanium cost of repairing Durability has been increased.
  • The Titanium income from mining has been re-balanced.
  • The Cubit cost of Titanium has been reduced.
  • New players now start with an amount of Titanium.


  • The durability loss rate of Line ships has been significantly reduced.


  • Forward rendering added - possible Deferred rendering for high end machines.
  • All character hubs have been light-mapped with the Beast engine and added color grading. This gives much better visual quality.
  • All ships materials have been tweaked with improved reflection based shaders, and textures have higher details.


  • Miscellaneous localization fixes.
  • After upgrading a system to level 10 Upgrade button is changed to Info.
  • Match Speed button now changes speed on Throttle indicator.

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