Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Maya Update

1 November 2012

Here are the Patch notes for the latest update:

  • Use graphics quality settings to set shader LOD and improve rendering performance.
  • Prevent users from accidentally dropping "resources" like TAKs, cubits, etc. from the hold.
  • Prevent accidental sales of items with high upgrade levels.
  • Fixed bug that prevented relay loot from functioning.
  • Improve asteroid visuals, scanning effects, and render performance.
  • Prevent scan effects from remaining after the scan is completed.
  • Fixed Aesir, Halberd, and Liche gun slots, key bindings, and move current items to the hold for reallocation.
  • Fixed several visual problems with the targeting brackets.
  • Improved fallback rendering of the planet scape object.
  • Allow skin changes to be done in the customization window.
  • Fixed front gun alignment on the Liche.
  • Fixed paint slot on the advanced Gungnir.
  • Fixed GUI icons for several skins.
  • Fixed problem with the shop item tooltip.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the camera settings.
  • Fix for the pink ship/asteroid bug on low detail settings.
  • Fixed pink textures on cracked asteroids and in the Battlestar CIC.
  • Fixed several minor UI bugs.
  • Fixed Decimation tournament banner text.
  • Fixed loot sharing bug where all party members are destroyed before the party can distribute the loot.
  • Display the confirmation dialog only when selling items, not when moving items.
  • Added wrecked version of Human Scythe, Maul, Jotunn, and Viper MkII.
  • Added wrecked version of Cylon Spectre, Hel, Raider, and Jormung.
  • Updated space debris with new art and materials.
  • Updated Asteroids with new art, materials and VFX with VFX LOD's.
  • Updated Planetoids with new art and materials so planetoids have new unique art that is different than the minable asteroid art.
  • New sector art for sectors to be released later this year.
  • Added new drones types.
  • Decreased size of some asset bundles.
  • Improved asteroid meshes and detail maps.
  • Tell the user how much additional currency they need if a ship purchase fails.
  • The "heavy fighting" message no longer eats the mouse input.
  • The wing name is now correctly displaying.
  • Implemented retry of asset bundle download if the received file is corrupt. This should drastically reduce the appearance of invisible ships and cubes.
  • Give the player a warning on the HUD when targeted by a nuke.
  • Recruit rank cannot change permissions in the wing.
  • The attachments label is now moved above the line so it will no longer be overlapping the attachments.
  • Center the "can't buy" window.
  • Items without a "sell value" will not display a sale price.
  • Display shop tooltips to the right instead of on top of the item.

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