Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Helo Update

11 April 2012

Yay for Bug Fixes! Below is the final list for the Helo update. A lot of the content is similar to what went up on Kobol, but we were able to squeeze in a few more fixes.

  • Missions - Removed incorrect shortcut from Mission Log
  • Sectors - Some sectors incorrectly reported “Too many players” and would not let players join
  • Inflight Resupply tooltips should now appear consistently
  • Tooltips for loot will now only display if the loot panel is not minimized
  • Combat HUD - Combat HUD now properly displays completely on/off depending on option setting
  • Fixed paint slot bug that prevented non-strikes from equipping certain skins
  • Art fix for Cylon drydock LoD (LoD should now appear at the correct distance)
  • Art fix for Glaive and Scythe engines

Miscellaneous Fixes and UpdatesEdit

  • Combat log now displays kills/deaths
  • Players are now guaranteed a certain period of time after combat where assassin spawns will not occur
  • Removed old tooltip system and replaced with advanced tooltips system
  • Tournament Leaderboard now reads Minutes Played (rather than Time)
  • Chatfix for desynch during faction switch
  • Players now always display highest medal they’ve earned
  • Players should no longer see repeated counts for Duties
  • Fixed typo in “FTL Override” consumable
  • Fixed localization bug for guild invites
  • Fixed welcome message spam
  • Fixed spelling/grammar of some dialogue with Adama and Cavil
  • Fixed Cylon mission log dialogue for return to Basestar
  • Synced pop-up dialogue with mission log (mining tutorial)
  • Player can now cancel out of activating the first post-tutorial mission


  • Adv War Raider Slots 1 and 5 now properly bring up ammo menu instead of turning ship
  • Raptor FR now has a paint slot
  • Adv. Gungnir slots are now labeled in correct numerical order
  • Fixed Escort/Line durability bars to reflect actual durability (cosmetic bug)
  • Capital Ships: fixed bug where Cap Ships would not have Heavy Battery Cannon ammo
  • Capital Ships can now use quick ammo function for PD
  • Capital Ships: fixed bug where left-clicking PD Battery icons would not work
  • Fixed Carrier bug when empty equipment slots displayed a text string

Weapons & ItemsEdit

  • Heavy Mining Battery is now labeled properly as Multi-Targeting
  • Ex Mineral Analysis Grid/Nexus range corrected; can now scan Planetoids
  • Ex Mineral Analysis Grid/Nexus now update message pop-ups properly when scanning multiple asteroids
  • Repair & Recharge balanced to power regen at Lv. 10-15 to a factor of 2
  • Fixed bug where Tech Analysis Kit items were displaying text strings
  • Items that had 0 Cubit/Tylium costs now only display actual costs (no 0 values)
  • Resupply: DC pack count per purchase has been reduced
  • Resupply: Ex, KEW ammo now sorts properly (weakest to strongest)
  • Decimal values now display correctly in Purchase/Salvage menus
  • Text for Ex weapons in mouseover UI formatted properly
  • Helena targeting module now displays correct avoidance values
  • Fixed XL prefix on Cylon names for some systems/consumables
  • Class 2 Nukes are now weighted properly for Escort/Line ships
  • Fixed duplicated ammo choices that would appear for Flak/PD weapons
  • Ammo types in tooltip for Flak and PD had ammo types duplicated


  • Energy is no longer locked at 0 when attempting to jump to a beacon while docking
  • Fixed exploit that allowed users to spawn into full systems
  • Dradis: Brimir properly appears as a friendly to Colonials
  • Dradis: Friendly ship indication turns off friendly ship names/brackets, as Enemy Ship Indication would
  • Fixed bug preventing players from group-jumping after dropping tylium
  • Fixed squad invite bug related to sector/chat client cache

User Interface (General)Edit

  • Fixed clipping of ship requirement icons in ship menu
  • Buff/debuff timers no longer display a decimal that extends beyond tooltip window
  • Repair button in locker aligned properly
  • Corrected icon for Echidna Ex Targeting Cluster to match HUD
  • Button to close Options moved to be more easily clickable
  • Tournament button now displays properly in tournament sectors in all cases
  • Menu no longer displays for dropped squadmates if player right-clicks their squad portrait
  • Adjusted tooltip transparency
  • Leaderboards - removed “Points” column as it is currently not in use
  • Aligned and fixed length of “Drop” and “Repair” buttons in locker
  • Tournament info now consistently displays while docked at tourney sector outposts
  • Colonial option to repeat tutorial missions no longer changes positions in dialogue menu
  • Fixed text string/scrolling bug in Starter Kit tooltips
  • Fixed bug where player ship info windows would not display Adv. ships as gold


  • Updated Maul, Scythe, Jormung art
  • Updated Scythe, Glaive, hel, Spectre art
  • Fixed flickering lights in Colonial RecRoom
  • Avatar heads are now lit properly compared to the rest of the body
  • Fixed Unity 3.5 shader and light bake bugs related to directional lightmap support
  • Adjusted lighting and fog for Cylon and Colonial Hangars
  • Character creation now has proper lighting
  • Ship LoDs should now appear correctly upon loading into a sector

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