Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Dualla Update

7 December 2011

Here are the patch notes for the latest game update: This update adds custom paint jobs, two new starting sectors, reactivates Capital Ship rental and and addresses several outstanding bugs.


Custom Paint JobsEdit

  • Custom paint jobs are now available!
    • Advanced ships are now equipped with a Paint slot, which should be automatically filled with the advanced paint job for the ship (resulting in the same appearance as before).
    • In addition to the above advanced paint jobs, there are 15 custom skins players may purchase in-game for the Cylon Raider, Heavy Raider, and War Raider, and the Colonial Viper MKII, Raptor, and Viper MKVII.
    • Pilots may purchase these paint jobs from the Fleet Shop, using the filter to find “Paints”. Purchased paint jobs are transferred to the pilot’s hold, or can be dragged directly to the Paint slot on the ship.
      • NOTE: Paint jobs are not salvageable once purchased.
    • Paint jobs may be applied to the Paint slot on their ships by dragging to and from your Hold or Locker – the same as with any other system.
    • In the Ship Customization screen (renaming ship/choosing decals), there is now a Paint tab. Pilots are able to browse, preview, and select the paint jobs available for their current ship here.

Capital ShipsEdit

  • The Pegasus and Basestar have been reactivated for pilots to rent
  • The cost of renting a Capital Ship now scales according to galaxy control – the cost will reduce for the losing team up to a maximum of 50% discount.


New SectorsEdit

Two new sectors have been added – Rayet on the Colonial side of the Cygnus Nebula, and Canaris on the Cylon side. They are both safe sectors for new players.

Bug FixesEdit

  • 74 Imsidia's threat level has been corrected for Cylon pilots
  • The Vanir skin now appears correctly
  • Top Gun medals should now be appearing correctly
  • Fixed many outstanding issues regarding Capital Ship rental
  • Login issues fixed for some players
  • Fixed preview pane lighting for Colonial Viper MKVII

Known IssuesEdit

  • Tournament medals may not appear correctly. Leaderboard stats are preserved, and any medals will be restored with the next update.


  • Gungnir Firing Arc Fixed
  • Capital Ship re-enabled
  • Heavy Raider Fleet Recon Configuration fixed
  • Fleet Recon ships no longer require Cubits for Hull repair

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