Drones are automated attack ships found in the Veil Sector. They are often found patrolling near Debris Fields and nearby dense areas of asteroids. They can be identified with having yellow target brackets.

Drifting dormant in space until events brought the Colonial and Cylon fleets to the Veil Sector, the drones reactivated and attacked both factions without reason. They are thought to have possibly been part of an older faction of Cylons and left behind as a means of automated defenses.

There are various types of Drone Ships, ranging from Light to Medium sized ships:

Drone IncursionEdit

The event The Awakening, which ran from the 16th of April to the 30th, 2014, put drones in the front line of the event. A special ship had been created for the event, known as The Command Nexus, that acted much like a carrier for drones where it launched numerous drone fighters against players. The ship was encountered during the Drone Incursion Dynamic Mission.

The Dynamic Mission was later released as a normal mission for players to participate in daily.

The Drone Incursion ships found were the following:

  • Nexus Avatar Command Nexus - 100% / 100%
    • Hunter Drone Avatar Artillery Drone - 350 HP / 200 PP
    • Guard Drone Avatar Assault Drone - 450 HP / 200 PP
    • Sentry Drone Avatar ECM Drone - 200 HP / 300 PP
    • Seeker Drone Avatar Support Drone - 250 HP / 300 PP



  • Drone - Destroy Drones

Update HistoryEdit

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