Concept Drawings for Ships In-GameEdit

These concepts were drawn by Computer Game Artist and Illustrator Mikael Noguchi who worked for Artplant as an Art director, 3D artist, Concept artist and Illustrator. They were the first available ships to players on Battlestar Galactica Online.

Concept Art for Ships not In-GameEdit

With exception to the Aesir Re-skin, the other concepts have not made their way into the game yet as of 2014.

The Aesir ship model received a new look in Game Update 11 which was based off of the Concept Art shown here.

The Blackbird, Stealthstar, Shadow and Stalker were originally part of the San Fransisco development teams plans for new ships but nothing went further than planning stages. Nothing is currently known about the remaining concepts.

These concepts were created by Jonathan Newberry who was the Lead Artist from March 2011 to December 2012, Brandon Lai who was a 3D and Concept Artist from 2010 to 2012 responsible for redesigning both Colonial and Cylon ships and Aaron Firem who was a Concept and Illustration Artist.

Ship ArtEdit

These Ship art images were used as promotion for the then unreleased FR variants of the Raptor and Heavy Raider strikes, the Aesir redesign seen in the Brimir Art and the Brimir and Surtur carriers.

The other art images were not officially released and out of those unreleased, only the Debris art has been seen in-game.

Model ConceptsEdit

The Hel and Jormung models were designed by 3D Environment Artist Denis Renshaw and can currently be found as part of Debris in the Tournament sector, Hades. They can also be found in the Duty Mission sector, 46 Graeae along with the Rock Formation models.

Planetoids received a new model with new textures in Game Update 22.

The Colonial Weapon Platform was also designed by Denis Renshaw. There were originally three different planned sizes, small, medium and large with the intention to replace the Drone factions Weapon Platforms but they have not yet been placed in the game as of 2014.

In the developers 2014 Road map, BP Caedmon listed that weapon platforms are planned to be added as part of a new level of sector control for phase 1 of the new sector control improvements. It is currently unknown if the Colonial Weapon Platform model wil be used as part of the plans.

Nothing is known about the Delta Canopis Shipyard other than it had obviously reached an in game testing phase. This model was also designed by Denis Renshaw who had posted it on the BSGO official Facebook page but it has since been removed.


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Other sourcesEdit

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