Colonial Freighter
Colonial Freighter

Colonial Freighter Avatar

Ship Info



Light, Medium, Heavy



Hull Points

1,000 - 2,250



The Colonial Freighter is a civilian transport ship of the Colonial Fleet. It has no weapons or defensive capabilities, however during an Interdiction Duty Mission, the freighters can come equipped with Point Defense batteries.

The Colonial Freighter Gemini remains with the main fleet in Alpha Ceti. Various other freighters can be found throughout the Veil Sector patroling several systems, each with different stats as they can come in Light, Medium and Heavy sizes.

Freighters are also used as part of the Freighter in Distress Dynamic Mission where the Freighter has spawned in a system but has lost the ability to perform a FTL Jump back out of the system. Colonial players are required to defend the Freighter against attack Cylon forces while it repairs its FTL engines to jump to safety.

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