Battlestar Galactica Online – Closed Beta 1.6 Hotfix 3 Release Notes

7th February 2011

This update includes further changes and additions to the 1.6 build and addresses some of the issues that have come to light since the previous Hotfix.

As always, we'd like to thank all our Test Pilots for their feedback.


Heads Up Display (HUD)Edit

  • The names of player ships should now be displayed above their target brackets, rather than showing as 'unknown'
    • Note that at the moment, only ships that have been given a custom name will display on the targeting brackets – unnamed ships will simply show the player's name
  • Fixed several issues with target boxes persisting when they should be hidden and then becoming 'frozen'

System Map and DRADISEdit

  • The colors of the icons on the Cylon System Map and DRADIS display have been made more intense – it should now be easier to differentiate Colonial, Cylon and drone targets

Fleet MessagingEdit

  • Fleet Messages should now always show the correct star system name, and no longer display 'bgo_name' when referencing certain star systems
  • The Fleet Messaging 'ticker' along the bottom of the screen should now loop correctly, instead of only being shown once when a new message comes in

Multi Target System (Line ships only)Edit

  • All targets that have weapons assigned to them should now show the 'weapons assigned' circle on their target brackets, with the numbers of the weapons assigned to them indicated below


  • Fixed issue that prevented 'Booster' items from being used unless you were in the Shop window on a Flagship, Base or Outpost – all Booster items should now be usable from the Hold via the Ship tab of the Pilot Log window


Player ShipsEdit

  • The 'Scrap' option has been removed from the Ground Crew (Repair) window pending design improvements


  • Fixed an issue that was causing significant reduction in graphical performance and frame rate after playing for a short period of time
  • The GFX Quality option should no longer be reset to default when jumping or docking/undocking


  • Several updates and improvements to music selection and variety
  • Added several longer music tracks for larger battles

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