Battlestar Galactica Online Wiki (BSGO Wiki) is a Wiki created for and centered around the MMO Battlestar Galactica Online, developed by Bigpoint which is based on the Re-imagined TV Series, Battlestar Galactica.

The Wiki is dedicated to listing all relevant information regarding the game from things such as ship lists and stats, inventory of in-game items, store pricing tables to guides for beginners of the game.

Please note that this wiki is not an official game wiki created by Bigpoint. Also, any Bigpoint staff, developers and any game, chat or forum moderators/admins have no official authority here.

This Wiki is intended to be a factual database, any opinions on any subject should be reserved for the individual page discussions, on the Wiki's Forums or BSGO's Forums.

Any feedback, complaints or ideas for the game should also be reserved for BSGO's Forums where it will be better noticed and recieved.

The WikiEdit

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