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22:38 Saturday, 20 December 2014

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Battlestar Galactica OnlineEdit

Battlestar Galactica Online or BGO is a Free-to-Play MMO based on the 2004 Re-imagined TV Series Battlestar Galactica.

This Month's Featured Article
Asteroid Resources
Asteroids are small to medium sized rocks found in space throughout the systems of the Veil Sector. Very large asteroids can also be found in systems which are known as Planetoids.

Asteroids can either be found in small numbers throughout a system or they can be found in large groups which are known as asteroid fields. They can contain various resources which players can mine by using cannons to blast them apart. Read more...

Recent Articles: Asteroid - Brimir



Drones, Platforms & NPC's
Drone ShipsWeapons PlatformsRevenantScarC5-07 PoseidonKraken


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Fleet News Service


  • 4th: Update 34 will be released on the 6th with the new Outpost fortifications.


  • 28th: Outposts will get new Sentry Platforms detailed in the latest Dev Blog #15.
  • 19th: AOE Torpedoes get launched along with improvements to Decoys in Game Update 33.
  • 14th: New AOE nukes, skills, decoy changes and more are discussed in the 14th Dev Blog.

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